Carson and Barnes Circus Company is a family-friendly business. Our life long experience working with and caring for exotic and domestic animals ensures our animals are provided quality care that is enriching, healthy and comfortable. As an experienced and proud advocate of animal welfare Carson & Barnes Circus recognizes the great responsibility we have to these majestic animals. Our animals receive the best of care.

Animal safety procedures and security are provided around the clock for the protection of our animals, our employees and our patrons. Carson & Barnes Circus employees respect the natural instincts of our exotic animals. Staff members are familiar with the individual personalities and temperaments of the animals. Caregivers have a mutual bond with the animals they care for that creates a lasting relationship between them that is built on trust and respect. Trainers teach routines to animals utilizing methods that are based on reward and repetition to showcase the animals’ physical abilities, beauty and their distinctive behavior.

Our animals are transported in specially designed trailers that meet or exceed USDA requirements. The animals are safely housed in an appropriate manner that not only protects the animals but also the general public. Animal enclosures are specially designed to meet the unique individual needs of each animal.

Carson and Barnes Circus identifies the nutrition and health needs of our animals as an utmost priority. Animal feeding protocols are managed by trained teams, who feed and water the animals based on the expertise of veterinarian consultation. Fresh food includes hay, protein-enriched grains, fruits and vegetables.

Carson and Barnes Circus complies with all federal, state and local regulations, in addition to its own internal animal-care guidelines. Traveling exhibits are required to be licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Carson & Barnes Circus must meet the standards and regulations established by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to qualify as a licensed USDA exhibitor. Their facilities and animals are routinely inspected by the USDA, state and local animal officers. Health permits are obtained each month from veterinarian staff, which inspects each animal to verify they are in good health and have all their required vaccinations and tests to be able to travel.

Our animals are an integral part of our family. We have devoted our lives to living with, working with and caring for our animals. We feel blessed to be entrusted with such an honor to care for and love amazing creatures for all ages to enjoy.

Barbara Byrd
Carson and Barnes Circus, Vice-President