Bring the Carson & Barnes Circus to your town!

When you sponsor the Carson & Barnes Circus in your town, our team of professionals works with your organization to achieve success with a fundraiser, or just a fabulous day and night of circus thrills, laughs, and the magic that only the big top can bring!

Every year the Carson & Barnes Circus works with municipalities, service organizations, booster clubs, charities and others to bring the World’s Biggest Big Top Show to states all across America, performing everywhere from major cities with millions of circus fans, to towns as small as 1,500 people. How do we do it?

When we hit the road each year we follow a route across many states, traveling from one community to another. Because we are highly skilled at running a touring show, we can leverage our economy of scale and experience to set-up, perform, and tear down all in a day’s work.

Year after year, in town after town, Carson & Barnes Circus delivers the goods: an unforgettable family show — and a way for your organization to raise a bunch of money! We know how to put on a one-of-a-kind live show that may be the very best value for your entertainment dollar, ever.

As partners, you and the Carson & Barnes Circus organize, publicize, and promote the circus in your town to fill the tent for each performance.

There is no risk to you or your organization. Our decades of proven experience is your guarantee that when we are working as a team, the show — and your fundraiser — will be a success!


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